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Search Trademarks To search the database, enter as much information as you like. The information may be: The list which results from your search is made up. Check Trademark availability with Professional Utilities' Trademark Search Tool Now! Just enter the Brand name & Industry to ensure the availability of the. The availability of the proposed trademark name and/or design may be checked prior to registration by calling the TRADEMARK DIVISION of the Secretary of State's. Trademark Search. The Department of Business Services database includes information regarding corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited partnerships. To conduct a search, enter some or all of the following information and then select the Search button: Registration number (search by number only without prefix.

Trademark Resource Center. Check filing guidelines and tips in our Trade Name and Trademark Handbook. Our office strongly suggests that customers perform. Do you need to check if your trademark is available in the United States? ✔️ Use our Free Trademark Search Tool ✔️ Enter and take a look. Application Process. Patent Search (Search for Patents)Learn about Patent ClassificationFiling OnlineChecking application statusResponding to Office. Search · 1. Upload an image of your trade mark if it contains graphics or stylized text. · 2. Type any alphanumeric text appearing in your mark under "Word(s)-. Check your trademark online. One of our services is free trademark check. Directly on our website, using a special system, you can pre-check your trademark. To. Use the Global Brand Database to search This tool also provides support to trademark examiners in IP offices in their validation of trademark applications. Search over 12 million+. Trademarks for free. World's Most Trusted Name in Trademark Registration. Trademark filing starts at $99*. File Today! TRADEMARK SEARCH. Mississippi Trademarks. Please contact the Business Services Division by phone at () or fax at () if you have any. Search for Patents. Search for Designs. Maintenance. Daily maintenance time: - Intellectual Property Department The Government of the Hong Kong. Free trademark search. Instant results and analysis. Trademark/Servicemark searches also are available by calling the Department of Business Services' Trademark/Servicemark Division at To obtain a.

Search for a trademark or service mark by mark name; registration number; owner name; class number; class title; entering a description of the goods or. Check filing status · Search assignment · Record assignment · Order certified Patent Search for a patent Search for a trademark · Search the Copyright. Feel confident about your mark. We'll run a search of state, federal, or international records so you can make an informed decision. Tips for searching trade marks · 1. Try different spellings · 2. Search various forms of the word · 3. Break up your trade mark into important parts and search. Search for your name, slogan or logo with the USPTO and all 50 States and receive a full detailed report based on similar trademarks across multiple classes and. Trademarks Search Options Each search option opens in a new browser window. Close the search browser or toggle between browsers to return to this page. Should. Quick search BY BRAND NAME BY BRAND LOGO BY GOODS AND SERVICES ADVANCED SEARCH Explore Data coverage. Tools. Reports. Vienna classification assistant. Check Certificate of Status · Update Your Trademark and Service Mark. Your Filing Options Florida Trademark-Service Mark Registration and Use, Chapter The state trademark database is often part of the Secretary of State's office, though in some states it has a department of its own. It's usually possible to.

Find out if your trademark is available. Trama's trademark search saves time and money by uncovering trademarks that can be in opposition with yours. Trademark Search Tool. Free Trademark Search in over 70 countries and jurisdictions. Search by Trademark Name, Number or Applicant Name. Look up a trade mark to see if something identical or similar to your brand is already registered. What is a trademark search API? Our API (application programming interface) is a REST API that searches the US trademark database (USPTO) of wordmarks and. Search for Trademarks. is a fully featured trademark search system. This site can be used to search extensive historical records on patents and.

How to Conduct a Free Trademark Search with Squadhelp · Step 1 - Find a Name. Come up with a great name or a shortlist of names you're excited about. · Step 2 -.

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