Mu-Metal - Magnetic shielding materials · Mu-ferro · Mu-ferro HD · Mu-ferro foil & tape · Mu-ferro cable trunking · Transformer shield · Mu-ferro-SD shielding foil. Mu Metal ; Soft magnetic material 80Ni5MoFe sheet mu metal. $ - $ · 1 kilogram ; Ferrite Magnet Composite and Strip Shape mu metal price. $ -. Mu-ferro foil/tape is a thin foil; its thickness is only mm. It combines excellent soft magnetic properties with unusual mechanical hardness and. Mu Metal Sheet". Stock No. Knc Unit of Measure: Sq In. Supplier of Mumetal / Magnetic Shielding Alloy (Ni80/Fe15/Mo5 and Ni77/Fe14/Cu5/Mo4) in foil, sheet and wire form.

Manufacturer MuMetal Model ~cm^2 x mm Description Metal Shield Sheet High Magnetic P/n Condition Used Additional info. Mu Metal Sheet · Soft magnetic alloy mu metal foil/sheet · Magnetic field shielding mu metal sheet · Soft magnetic alloy mu metal foil/sheet · pure moly sheet. MuMETAL® Perfection Annealed Foil is fully annealed for the highest attenuation, highest initial permeability, and highest shielding efficiency. Magnetic Shields are a global supplier of MuMetal Magnetic Shielding Foil. mu metal is best suitable to block low frequency radiation also known as elf waves. This foil is thin and easy to use. MuMETAL is an alloy of nickel and iron used for magnetic shielding. You can find it inside many electronic devices, from hard drives to CRT televisions. MuMETAL® Magnetic Shielding Foil" Thick 8" x 12" Sheet. MuMETAL · out Sheet Metal Stock, Made in The USA. Stainless steel · out of 5 stars. MU metal foil for shielding magnetic alternating (AC) fields and static (DC) fields. Adhesive coating. Width: mm. Order now from PSE! We are the right resource for your information requirement whether its for a manufacturer of MuMETAL® sheet or MuMETAL® tape. Our MU metal products are the. Mumetal is a non-oriented 80% nickel-iron-molybdenum alloy which offers extremely high initial permeability and maximum permeability with minimum hysteresis. The shielding mesh is made from % Mu-Metal that offers great attenuation and is highly ventilated. Monel Round-Hole-Perforated-Metal-Sheet Plate. Monel.

Magnetic Shields are a leading supplier of magnetic shielding sheets. Our standard stock range of MuMetal, Cryogenic Mumetal, 36% & 50% Ni Fe and Pure iron. This Mu-metal Magnetic shielding foil is generous 8" wide by 12" long sheet that is" (10 mil) thick. Very flexible and easy to cut with scissors. Fully Annealed MuMETAL Shielding Sheets mm ( x mm or 12 x 8 inch) MuMETAL is effective at reducing induced noise in signal sensitive gear with high. Arrives by Mon, Dec 4 Buy Ultraperm 80 Metal Shielding Sheet 8" X " Mumetal Mu Metal Sheet Audio Shield at At MuShield, we take great care in fabricating custom mumetal magnetic shielding for our customers. For any information call us at () today! MuMetal ~14x12x5cmxmm Metal Shield Mu Metal Sheet Audio High Magnetic Shield ; Approx. ILS + ILS shipping ; Item description from the sellerItem. Mu-metal is a nickel–iron soft ferromagnetic alloy with very high permeability, which is used for shielding sensitive electronic equipment against static or. MuMetal® foil is designed for use in low intensity fields where the highest attenuation and permeability µ(Mu) and highest shielding efficiency are desired. These mu metal sheet are incredibly tough and come in various fabricated, galvanized, and perforated models. These products are verified and tested for.

Magnetic Shielding Alloy Mu-Metal / HY-MU Mumetal is available in Mumetal Sheet, Mumetal Plate, Mumetal Coil, Mumetal Flanges, Mumetal fasteners. Mu-Metal is a unoriented nickel-iron soft ferromagnetic alloy with very high permeability suitable for sensitive electronic equipment shielding. It is used. Order today, ships today. MU – RF EMI Absorbing/Shielding Sheet MuMETAL® Foil " (mm) X " (mm) X " (mm) from MuMETAL®. 1m MagnoShield Flex. Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX magnetic screening foil (Mu-metal), 1 running metre. Very thin, easy to cut and process. Perfect for constructing. MUMETAL MAGNETIC SHIELDING FOIL. MuMETAL Foil is used primarily in low intensity fields where the highest attenuation, highest initial permeability µ (Mu) and.

Mu Metal Sheets Svamitva steel is one of the most reputed Importers and Exporters in all types of Metals in India & worldwide. Our standard stock range of Mu. Most of the price of Mu Metal ranges from US $ to $ per Square. It's important to research and compare different models and features to find the best Mu. Sheet, Plate, and Bar. Mu-metal. Description. Mu-Metal. TYPICAL SPECIFICATION PACKAGES BAR:CHEM-MIL-N COMP 2, ASTM-A COMP 3. Bar. ALLOY, SIZE, WEIGHT. Buy mm thick high permeability magnetic alloy/Mu-metal foil, 4mm - mm dia, 10mm x 10mm - mm x mm from Goodfellow.

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